Wendy Stanley has dedicated her 20+ year career efforts to the development, growth and support of the internal operations of her organization. Her professional experience spans the public and private sectors from start-up organizations to one of the top-100 ranked largest public companies in the US. Wendy has had the great fortune to lead teams of some of the smartest people around. Her passion for people and service is undeniable and she has committed herself to continuously identifying opportunities to support the effectiveness, efficiency and creativity of those around her.

Wendy has a reputation for vision and implementation and rarely finds a challenge that cannot be successfully navigated. Wendy’s strategic and operational expertise has led to her success in the financial, higher education, service, manufacturing and distribution industries. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Master of Science in Organizational Psychology. She has been able to integrate her experience and education across these channels providing a deeply-grounded and holistic approach to business management.

Wendy’s primary focus has always been understanding and developing the people in an organization, providing leadership and vision and a path to success. Wendy has a proven track record for finding and keeping top talent through the development of employee-centric programs, leadership training and continuing education. Her goal is to provide an environment of opportunity to which people are excited to belong and which is enviable to those who observe it.

Wendy’s natural curiosity and internal fire fuels her own personal and professional goals. If she doesn’t know it, she learns it. Wendy has the rare combination of technical aptitude and behavioral insight making her an integral contributor to the CSI team.

In her off time, Wendy loves to travel internationally, binge watch Netflix shows and troll the gym at 5 am. She has two teenage daughters, Zane and Kira, who are the sparkle in her eye and who keep her on her toes.