Lighting Lab

The Lighting Lab





CS Illumination Education and Mock-up Lab

The Reason: To Demonstrate, Compare, and Test Lighting Equipment in a Real World Environment

CS Illumination has built a lighting lab to serve as an educational platform for our team and our clients. We designed and built this space to develop the most educated lighting team in lighting distribution. Our team understands that education is the key to gaining trust and becoming a partner of our many clients – the lab is the backbone of this education. We test more than 100 LED lamps each year from many manufacturers to compare quality, lighting characteristics, color rendition, beam spread and CRI allowing us to speak with authority on the differences between brands and lamp types. This same exercise is done with track heads, downlights, tapelight and many other luminaires. When CSI recommends a product, we do it with knowledge and proof that it performs and functions as intended.

The Room: A Basic Box

The lab is a flexible space in our Vista, CA office with an open grid that allows the installation of recessed, surface and pendant mounted luminaires giving our team and clients the flexibility to evaluate specific scenarios. The adjustable grid also houses track allowing us test and evaluate any manufacturer’s track heads on the white walls, on color blocks, or on our client’s product.

  • No Natural Light
  • Adjustable Grid From 7’AFF to 20’AFF
  • 14’ Wide x 25’ Long x 28’ Tall

The Vignettes: Typical Details We Review

There are several light boxes and a cove detail to test linear products such as tapelight, cove lighting etc. Each of these can contain a color or finish samples to evaluate color rendering, performance, socket shadows etc. These details give us a direct luminaire comparison.

  • Light Boxes
  • Cove – 10’ Section
  • Mannequins, Store Fixturing and other tools

The Testing Equipment

To evaluate the technical and operating properties of luminaires, we have multiple pieces of testing equipment.

  • Meters to measure – lumens, foot-candles, CRI, operating temperature, Etc.
  • Eyes to review fit and feel
  • Hands to review quality and finish
  • Lighting Lab

  • CSI Foundation

    • Experience and knowledge in all facets of hotel lighting
    • Design-Three full time lighting designers on staff
    • Distribution- 22,000 sq.ft. distribution center, to consolidate and label project materials
    • New state of the art lighting lab
    • Project Management- professional team of project managers trained in lighting.
    • Maintenance & Service Division